Mangrove: Payroll, HRMS & Benefits

Mangrove's core business is payroll, HRMS, and Benefits Administration with a customer-centric business model. Designed for Workforce Empowerment™, Mangrove’s powerful solutions include integrated human resources management, payroll and tax filing, manager and employee self service, time and attendance, benefits management, recruitment, full-service COBRA administration, retiree and leave of absence premium billing and flexible spending accounts,(FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs) with stackable debit card administration.

Payroll and Tax-Filing Services

Whether you have 50 employees or 5,000, you still need to deal with federal, state, and municipal taxes, wage garnishing, bonuses, and multiple locations. Mangrove solutions offer the control necessary to deliver dependable, consistent results.

This is secure payroll processing with unlimited earnings, taxes, benefits, deductions, and net pay information.  Your company’s critical information flows automatically and securely through your payroll process.  Input pay changes, process payroll, or run reports from home, on the road, or at various branch locations. Or outsource check printing, tax filing, or direct deposit services.

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Human Resources Management

Every day an increasing number of employees begin working off-site, regulatory issues become increasingly complex, and benefits packages change. With fewer staff available to perform a broader range of tasks, you need a solution that lessens processing time and simplifies managing key information. This seamless integration between HR and payroll can exponentially increase productivity.

Employees, administrators, and executives all benefit from the improved productivity and informed decision making derived from proper access to HR data.

Employee and Manager Self Service

More employees are working offsite, regulatory issues are becoming more complex, and benefits packages change constantly. With fewer staff available to perform a broader range of tasks, HRMS solutions must shorten processing time and simplify key information management. Through the secure workforce portals in Workforce Empowerment™, an organization can stay more connected, make decisions faster, and implement plans more efficiently. Electronic reminders, notifications, and a built-in, secure messaging system ensures workflow continuity from the office, home, or on the road.

Reporting and Workforce Analytics

Offering the best in interactive data and workforce intelligence, Mangrove’s intuitive report writer empowers users at all levels - providing extremely robust reporting utilities that let you author your own reports, charts and graphics.  Authorized executives, managers, or HR/payroll personnel can run strategic workforce reports immediately, revealing pertinent company information to ensure timely and accurate compliance, decision-making and forecasting.   

Mangrove's web-based adhoc report writer delivers the exact data you need when you need it. Quickly and securely create your own dynamic web-based reports in a few steps.  Create custom-formatted fields, record sorting and grouping with detailed drill-down, and benefit from the multiple output selections that are available with a single click. You can automatically retrieve KPIs, print graphs and charts, identify workforce analytics and access business intelligence data - allowing you to address current business practices, prepare accurate forecasts, and align daily operations with company goals.

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Customization Toolset

Mangrove's HRMS solution is one of the few commercial products completely designed and built with its own tools that support change. 

Customization eliminates the large budgets and long timeframes associated with a typical client-server development or customization project. The tools automate and simplify most programming tasks so that product customization can be completed quickly and easily. They also handle the complexity of database administration so that in most cases a programmer is not required.

The customization toolset allows you shape the software around your business processes – not the other way around.  Mangrove is the most adaptable solution available in the Payroll and HR industry today.


Mangrove recognizes that organizations of all sizes crave the power, features, and functionality of sophisticated Human Resource Management and Payroll applications. But not all companies can afford the expense and burden associated with managing, supporting, and maintaining these systems. With our hosted solution, you receive the same functionality as if you hosted the software yourself. You can generate custom or standard reports. You can customize menus and screens without any fear of future upgrade problems or compliance issues. 

Mangrove offers one managed, secure, centralized database combining Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits Management, Recruitment, and Self Service. All enhancements, upgrades, tax changes, etc, are maintained by Mangrove. With over 10,000 companies currently utilizing Mangrove’s Software-as-a-Service model, this solution is an efficient and affordable alternative to licensing and maintaining an in-house system. With Mangrove, you experience the best of both worlds.

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Benefit Administration

 Mangrove's full-service benefit administration solutions are streamlining Human Resource departments across the country. Organizations of all sizes are taking advantage of innovative, personalized offerings for COBRA, Flexible Spending Accounts(FSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) with debit card administration, Leave of Absence and Retiree premium billing. Our customized outsourcing solutions not only maintain legal and regulatory compliance, but also use technology to provide virtually paperless administration. Mangrove takes administrative and compliance responsibilities very seriously, which shows in the integrity, quality and expertise that our Customer Service and Account Management teams represent.  To learn more about Mangrove’s Benefits Administration offerings, please click a feature on the right.

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